Thursday, April 2, 2009

How to lace the Burton Speed lace boots in 10 min.

So, those $400.00 Burton boots with the fancy lace system we good for the first 30 days on the hill and then all hell broke loose.
This has happened to everyone i know and i thought i would share with you a little re-lacing method that takes the 3 hour journey to your minds black hole hole and back to about 10 min. per boot. And to the Burton people, since your trying to sell something to everyone in the entire industry, how about making some real laces, a re-lace kit with proper tools and instructions or something to help out the people ?

Get some tools-

Burton replacement laces- note: there is a top and bottom

Super Glue bottle
1 foot of 40 pound test fishing line
a thin, sharp pointy object, like a skewer for BBQ, or needle nose pliers
1) brand new razor blade.

1. cut off your old laces- remembering how they go before, or label them with a piece of tape or ink pen.
2. take your razor blade and cut off the end of your new laces as clean as possible and as close to the end, NOT the handle, as possible.
3. take your fishing line, dip it into the super glue and insert it quickly into the INSIDE of the black part of the laces. Inside the black outer fabric is a white part of the lace.
4. insert Depth- about 3-4 mm
5. let dry for 5 min.
6. now you have a lace attached to the fishing line. Take the fishing line and insert it at the top of the boot, through the black lace lock and into the hole for the lace. A sharp pointy object may be necessary to start it.
7. you can test to make sure the connection where the lace and line meet is not too thick with glue by inserting it into one of the other lace holes on the boot. It should fit and slide in easy, if not take the razor blade and very carefully shave off the extra glue on the connection to make it fit better. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CUT YOURSELF AT THIS TIME. IT WILL SUCK !!!!!
8. Lace up your boots.
9. I recommend using some warm ONEBALLJAY shred wax on all your laces so they last longer and glide better. Take the bar and rub it on them as best as you can. ( we hope Burton will buy some of our wax to better their laces, but we are not counting on it.
9. Someone make a PVC coated cable system for Burton Speed lace upgrade !!

good luck and go fast !

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