Friday, March 5, 2010

Marginal Way BEEF BURGER BBQ and Jersey Barrier Battle

Hey Everyone,

We are having a BEEF BURGER BBQ and Jersey Barrier Battle event at Marginal Way on Saturday, 3/13. The BBQ will be hosted by Danger James and SDOG, they will be smoking ribs and firing up the BBQ around the afternoon. The Jersey Barrier Battle will be that evening.

It’s a benefit for us to raise some much-needed money to grow the park. We are really in need of money to finish sections of the park. If you skate down there on a regular basis you know what we are getting at!

Come out and enjoy some BBQ, the Jersey Barrier Battle, and help support us. We are truly DIY, thanks for the support.

Marginal Way Collective


Monday, March 1, 2010

ONEBALLJAY to ISPO Munich Germany 2010

These are some pictures of a trip Tim and I did to ISPO in Munich Germany. After the show we hooked up with the DC guys, Foxy and Sean, and shredded Austria for three days then headed the Czech Republic for some site seeing with our tour guide Jan from Mervin Europe and then Prague for a couple more.Mervin booth with Oneballjay

Bill Here

Euro Nuzzels
1200-1300 century CESKY KRUMLOV
The real king of beer
1200-1300 century town. With moat around city.
meat sticks


Forrest Burki Pinball wizard at Northface Masters

Crystal Mt. Washington, USA. held the Northface Master of Powder experience. Local powder masters slayed it.

Oneballjay wax team killed it.

Forrest Burki, Blair Habenicht, Lucas Debari, Maria Debari

Watch Video:

1- 80 Shannan Yates Snowbird USA 85
2- 77 Maria DeBari Squaw Valley USA 74
3- 4 Mary Boddington Crested Butte USA 68
4 22 Rachel Sheidow Mt Buller AUS 66
5- 7 Anna Weber Tahoe USA 60
6- 11 Tiffany Noel Mammoth USA 57
7- 93 Michelle Locke Lake Louise CAN 57
8- 40 Laura Dewey Snowbird USA 55
9- 76 Iris Lazzareschi Squaw Valley USA 51
10- 95 Marilyn Poon Stevens Pass USA 47

1- 84 Forrest Burki Crystal USA 84
2- 71 Blair Habenicht Crystal USA 82

3- 66 Charlie Hoch Wolfcreek USA 81

4- 83 Lucas DeBari Baker USA 80

5- 26 Aaron Robinson Big Mountain USA 80
6- 23 Matt Iberlin Meadowlark USA 78
7- 86 Rob Kingwill Jackson Hole USA 77
8- 82 Jonathan Penfield Snowbird USA 76
9- 25 Tim Valcourt Cannon Mountain USA 74
10- 6 Scott Sheer Mammoth USA 72

Pictures by Temple

After a weather day the clouds cleared enough for the top North Face Masters of Snowboarding qualifiers to rip down Crystal Mountain’s Silver King. Choosing from a plethora of 60-degree chutes, large cliffs and steep faces Crystal Mt local Forrest Burki put together a fluid, technical run to take the first place prize – a samurai sword and $3500. Maria deBari had a great technical line landing her in 2nd place just behind Shannon Yates.

Forrest was riding the GNU Billy Goat C2 Power Banana, and Maria was riding the B-Pro C2 Power Banana.

The North Face Masters of Snowboarding will head to Kirkwood February 25-27 for the finals.
For more info on the freeride tour please visit